Sylvia Plain

headshotsylviaSynopsis of Presentation: After conducting research on First Nations Water Policy across Turtle Island and learning about other Indigenous canoe cultures, Sylvia returned home and founded the Great Lakes Canoe Journey in 2014, which is a project that envisions bringing together the citizens of the Great Lakes Basin on an annual basis by way of canoes to celebrate the relationship to the waterways and to learn about Anishinaabe canoe culture and canoe building. Since the beginning of the project, Sylvia has created four new birch bark canoe builders, has taught over 2000 elementary and university students, and recently built a birch bark canoe in her own community Aamjiwnaang First Nation. 

Speaker Bio: Sylvia Plain, from Aamjiwnaang First Nation, is a community ambassador, water walker, researcher, birch bark canoe building apprentice and founder of the Great Lakes Canoe Journey. This past summer, Sylvia won a Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Scholarship from the University of Toronto and she conducted research in New Zealand, focusing on the personhood of the Whanganui River. 

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