Native Youth Sexual Health Network (NYSHN)

Synopsis of Presentation: Representatives from NYSHN joined us and spoke about the
Violence on the Land, Violence on our Bodies report
, IEJ - NYSHN Headshotwhich centers the experiences and resistance efforts of Indigenous women and young people in order to expose and curtail the impact of extractive industries on their communities and lands. This report is paired with a toolkit for Indigenous communities that offers workshop templates for environmental violence teach-ins, resources for healing and land-based medicines, and a community health assessment. 

Organization Bio: The Native Youth Sexual Health Network (NYSHN) is an organization by and for Indigenous youth that works across issues of sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice throughout the United States and Canada. In 2014, NYSHN and Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) began a multi-year initiative to document the ways that the sexual and reproductive health of Indigenous women, Two Spirit and young people in North America is impacted by extractive industries.

Video Recording: Will soon be posted on the NYSHN website. In the meantime, Click Here to Learn More About Their Work