IEJ Symposium

Indigenous Environmental Justice Knowledge Sharing Symposium

Pictured: Autumn Peltier

The Indigenous Environmental Justice Knowledge Sharing Symposium, held on May 26, 2016 at York University, was a forum for sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences to help us understand what Indigenous Environmental Justice (IEJ) means. This symposium brought together activists, youth, women, artists, Elders, scholars, environmental practitioners, advocates and community members. The dialogue advanced the theory and practice of environmental justice scholarship by engaging with Indigenous peoples to more fully develop the concept of ‘justice’ and the policies and laws necessary to enable just relations. Nearly 100 people attended in person, with an additional 339 people from 10 countries attending through the livestream option. All presentations were recorded and are now available via the IEJ Project’s website.

During the symposium, two questions were put to the speakers:

• What does environmental justice mean in Canada, in an Indigenous context and from an Indigenous perspective?
• What is currently known about IEJ in Canada?

Highlights from the Indigenous Environmental Justice Knowledge Sharing Symposium

Download the IEJ Symposium Highlights Report

IEJ Symposium highlights, a participatory video project by Kelly King, Morgan Johnson, and Oonagh Butterfield