Food Relations, Environmental Justice & Indigenous Sovereignty

This podcast was created by Max Klein, a previous research assistant for the IEJ project and graduate from the Master of Environmental Studies program at York. It incorporates interviews with Indigenous knowledge holders discussing concepts of food, land, and medicine, highlighting the importance of self-determination through subsistence activities and the significance of intergenerational knowledge transfer and cultural practices-both vital to overcoming the detrimental impacts of the colonialism and environmental injustices. Max’s podcast aims to mobilize ideas and create awareness to illustrate the importance of reciprocity with land, Indigenous sovereignty and how colonialism continues to impact communities today by restricting access to clean land, air and water. Environmental justice, in part, includes holding industry and governments accountable for their actions who often impose limitations upon Indigenous sovereignty and their ability to practice traditions on the land.

Food Relations, Environmental Justice & Food Sovereignty

Producing this podcast as my Major Research Project has been a rich educational experience for me and I hope that listening to it can be the same for you. I am endlessly grateful to the interview participants who facilitated this process by sharing their knowledge and I have included relevant links to their work below. Extra special thanks to Lisa Meyers for contributing her guitarwork and advising throughout the process.