Grand/Mother Tongue: Grappling with Intergenerational Anishinaabemowin in the Internet Age

In honour of International Mother Language Day, which takes place annually on February 21, the IEJ hosted a discussion on intergenerational Anishinabemowin transmission in the modern age. The discussion was facilitated by Alan Corbiere and featured input from lifetime speaker Nookimis Marion McGregor, second-language learners Lissa and Hillary McGregor, and IEJ Project principal investigator Deboorah McGregor. 

Mdimoowenyig Dbaad'daanaawaa Mshkiki
Elder Women Discuss Medicine

In the presentation, Alan Corbiere spoke about some of his work recording and translating Ojibwe stories and language. What follows are some clips from that research, along with supplementary documents with transcripts, glossaries and translations. 

Gkizootaagwaad Mshkii: The Medicine that Hid

Gkizootaagwaad Mshkiki Nish Eta - Anishinaabemowin
Gkizootaagwaad Glossary
Old Lady and Flowers Story - English Translation

Gebiingwepzad: The Veiled Visitor

Gebiingwepzad Nish Eta - Anishinaabemowin Version
Veiled Visitor - English Translation
Veiled Visitor Bilingual Version

Magkii, Gnebig, Nimkiibag: Frog, Snake, and Poison Ivy

Magkii Gnebig Nimkiibag Nish - Anishinaabemowin Version
Magkii Gnebig Nimkiibag - Bilingual Version