Change Your World

Change Your World 2018 (Photo Credit: Max Klein)

Change your world is a yearly conference hosted by York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies that brings together youth from across Ontario.. The day-long conference aims to inspire youth to be environmentally active through a series of workshops and presentations aimed at generating discussion, collaboration, and learning how to make sustainable and equitable change.

The IEJ Project participates in this yearly conference with the workshop titled “Listening to the Land: An Introduction to Environmental Justice and Storytelling.”. Students were asked to consider the following questions:

Change Your World 2019 (Photo Credit: Dale Hamilton)

What do stories teach you?

How can Indigenous storytelling point to justice and environmental issues?

How can Indigenous and non-Indigenous people move toward reconciliation through storytelling?

Interested in engaging in an educational workshop with us? Please be in touch! For more information, see the Faculty of Environmental Studies website or visit their page dedicated to Change Your World.

Change Your World 2019, with Dr. Deborah McGregor, Jayce Chiblow, Dale Hamilton, Nasreen Hussain, Emilia Khalil and Ethan Pesaud-Quiroz

Change Your World 2018, with Dr. Deborah McGregor, Jayce Chiblow, Max Klein, Nasreen Hussain and Abdeali Saherwala.

Change Your World 2017, with Dr. Deborah McGregor, Meagan Dellavilla, Nasreen Husain, Monica Shafik and Salisha Purushuttam.

At the 2017 event, students created this lovely poem during the workshop:

Lakes so great, why so grey?
Cities and Plastic
Water our only source of life, but all that man has brought to it
Is Strife
Why would we pollute it to the point we can’t even use it?
We package and label it, sealing it with a cap.
We believe in its ‘purity’
Leading us to a false sense of ‘security’

Change Your World 2019 (Photo Credit: Dale Hamilton)