Earth Stories: Self-Determination and Climate Change Futures

April 6 & 7, 2019
Wendake, Quebec
Workshop presenters: Deborah McGregor, Hillary McGregor, Jayce Chiblow

First Nations have their own climate change stories that explain the current environmental challenges we currently face.  Our stories and prophecies have informed us of what has since come to pass, yet also provide the necessary guidance how to meet the changes in order to secure a future for the unborn.  First Nations have dealt with devastating environmental change over the past few centuries, survived genocidal policies and practices and yet here we are!  We have demonstrated the capacity to adapt and have been resilient in the face of devastating losses.  We continue to imagine a future from the perspective of peoples who have adapted to severe environmental change.  By returning to our stories, our traditional knowledge, we can strengthen our communities and realize our responsibilities to the Earth and future generations. In this workshop, we will show how our stories can help us understand climate change from our own perspective and what we need to do to form a self-determined path forward based on our teachings, ceremonies, knowledge and laws.  Led by youth, we will illustrate how our own languages and land-based activities can be a source of strength in the face of great change.