École Ronald-Marion Workshop

Listening to the Land Workshop with École Ronald-Marion

York University
March 20, 2019
By: Jayce Chiblow

Photo credit: Jayce Chiblow

The Indigenous Environmental Justice Project along with the Faculty of Environmental Studies hosted École Ronald-Marion students at York University. The students joined Jayce Chiblow and Nasreen Hussain for a morning workshop that began with honoring the previous Indigenous nations of this land, along with all the plants, animals, and waters. After introductions, team members Jayce and Nasreen along with Alison from FES Recruitment shared their experiences with the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University. Team members then presented our video “What is Indigenous Environmental Injustice?” (http://iejproject.info.yorku.ca/live-stream/). The workshop then shifted to the story work portion, where the Re-Creation Story, or the story of the Great Flood (The Mishomis Book: The Voice of the Ojibway, Edward Benton Banai) is read. Among the many responses, students highlighted that no voice or effort is too small, and the importance of allowing all peoples to participate. Nasreen then led the students to a free association exercise, which prompted discussion on Water, Environment, Sustainability and more. The responses from the students led to conversation regarding what they’ve learned in their school’s specialized environment program, and how their everyday decisions are impacted by their new knowledge. The students from École Ronald-Marion high school were engaged and motivated, fostering a very active session.