Resisting Extractivism, Performing Opposition

“Resisting Extractivism, Performing Opposition”
By Nasreen Hussain
​OCAD University
March 2nd, 2019

Photo By: Jayce Chiblow







On Saturday, March 2nd at the “Resisting Extractivism, Performing Opposition” symposium organized by Zoe Heyn-Jones of York University, the IEJ project was invited to open the day. Dr. Deborah McGregor and Nasreen Hussain shared insights on the distinct conceptions of Indigenous environmental justice (IEJ) project, including showing the recently produced IEJ video (see IEJ student researchers, Jayce Chiblow, Nasra Moumin, Mika Mackinnon, and Abdeali Saherwala networked throughout the day inviting participants to share their perspectives of Indigenous environmental justice.