Masters Indigenous Games

About the Games

The purpose of the Masters’ Games is to provide Indigenous adults aged 20 years and older the opportunity to compete against their peers in a variety of contemporary and traditional sporting activities. For Indigenous adults, the Masters’ Indigenous Games are an opportunity to get physically active, engage with community and participate in competition. These games will bring together hundreds of athletes from across North America to compete in sport competitions, celebrate Indigenous wellness and the Indigenous cultures of Turtle Island. Not only are the games an opportunity for Indigenous athletes to compete, it presents an opportunity for North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) alumni to reunite with past teammates, competitors and friends. 

In addition to the various sport competitions, the Masters Games will provide all participants and attendees with a safe and excellent opportunity to celebrate and promote the various cultures of Indigenous peoples world-wide. A cultural festival showcasing Indigenous artists, performers, storytellers and vendors will be taking place, as well as the Embody the Spirit Powwow. The Masters’ Indigenous Games is expected to be the cultural event of the summer for Toronto. 

The Masters Indigenous Games are made possible due to the determination and commitment from the official Provincial/Territorial Aboriginal Sporting Body for Ontario, The Aboriginal Sport and Wellness Council of Ontario (ASWCO). ASWCO believes that sport and culture have the power to change lives, improve wellness, and provide opportunities for personal growth and community development. They are an organization that is dedicated to the wellness of Indigenous Peoples across Ontario, through programs that promote sport, recreation, physical literacy and land-based learning. ASWCO promotes healthy living and offers training, certifications and support for coaches, athletes, and similar organizations and serves all Indigenous Peoples and communities across the province of Ontario, including First Nations, Inuit and Metis, living on and off-reserve. The mission of ASWCO is to ‘enhance the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, cultural and social well-being of Aboriginal peoples in Ontario through physical activity, recreation and sports activities.’ 

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