Aamjiwnaang Water Gathering & Toxic Tour 2017

Aanii Boozhoo,

Chi-miigwetch (Big Thank you) for your understanding of Aamjiwnaang Water Gathering and Toxic Tour 2017 postponement. We are officially moving the Date till September 29- October 1, 2017! Same weekend layout out of joining a welcoming community dinner on Sept 29th starting at 5pm and panel of Our Sacred Connection to Water. September 30th is a full day of many classes on water teachings running from 10am-8pm. Then October 1st for Toxic Tours and classes running from 8am-6pm. This event is a FREE event, and everyone is welcome to attend.

We welcome you to camp all weekend starting on Friday and ending on Sunday. Camping includes campsites with accessibility needs, washrooms, showers in the morning, and activities. We will include meals all weekend long of breakfast, lunch and dinner including vegan, vegetarian, and traditional meats. We ask you to bring your own feast bag with your own cutlery, plate, and drinking container to minimize waste and to take leftovers home. This event welcomes anyone and everyone to come, and is a FREE event.

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