The Indigenous Environmental Justice Project

What does it mean to “live well” with the earth?

The Indigenous Environmental Justice (IEJ) Project, led by Dr. Deborah McGregor, seeks to understand how Indigenous knowledge of the natural environment can help us respond to climate change. Engaging with youth, Elders, and other knowledge-holders, the research is Indigenous-led, and investigates what a self-determined future looks like for Indigenous communities and peoples.

The IEJ project began in 2016 as a SSHRC funded 5-year research project. Under the leadership of the Principal Investigator Dr. McGregor and her team of researchers, knowledge about Indigenous climate (in)justice grew and revealed new areas of study.

The current project started in 2021 and shifts the focus to the future, as articulated by youth, Elders, and other Indigenous knowledge-holders. We have many resources and information about our research on this site. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team.