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Mother Earth Water Walk

START DATE: APRIL 19 and 20, 2017. The destinations are subject to change and we ask for cooperation and patience/indulgence to the schedule below. Dates are not included because it is a longer walk and we cannot ever say what time or when we will be at perceived destinations. Spirit Mountain, Duluth, MN [1] – […]

Vanessa Gray delivers talk on Environmental Racism in the Chemical Valley

Anishinaabe activist Vanessa Gray has been actively fighting environmental degradation in her community – the Aamjiwnaang reserve in the so-called “Chemical Valley” near Sarnia, Ontario, which is the site of heavy petrochemical production and refinement. As part of the Indigenous Environmental Justice (IEJ) Speaker Series, Gray delivered a talk on Feb. 15 at York University […]

Great Lakes Canoe Journey Founder Shares Vision in FES Talk

“This is not just about paddling, this is about building capacity within the Indigenous community,” said Sylvia Plain, founder of the Great Lakes Canoe Journey, during the Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) event “Great Lakes Canoe Journey: Mobilizing Indigenous Knowledge and First Nations Communities”. Plain’s talk, held Jan. 25, was part of this year’s continuing […]

“The sea is our bread”: Interrupting Green Neoliberalism in Mexico

On November 30th, York University was joined by Zapotec, feminist scholar and University of Alberta Professor, Isabel Altamirano-Jimenez for the inaugural event of 2016-2017 Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) speaker series. This year’s series, titled “Indigenous Women’s Perspective on Environmental Justice”, aims to create a critical link between theory and practice by reflecting on the […]

Marvellous Ground is Online! Issue #1: QTBIPOC Space - Remapping Belonging in Toronto

QTBIPOC Space - Remapping Belonging in Toronto Co-editors: Rio Rodriguez and Amandeep Kaur Panag Marvellous Grounds - Special Issue #1 Live at Image courtesy: Fatin Chowdhury Titled QTBIPOC SPACE - Remapping Belonging in Toronto, this first issue of Marvellous Grounds’ online archive features two digital maps that serve as an archive of QTBIPOC stories […]